Terms & Conditions

Customer Satisfaction

Hopefully you will be 100% happy with the groom we have done for your dog, but if you are unhappy in any way then please let us know at your earliest opportunity and we will do everything possible to rectify this for you immediately. We want you to be happy with the way your dog looks so please don't feel uncomfortable asking us to change anything for you.  We keep a comprehensive grooming history so are able to advise on what was carried out on previous grooms and can adapt as necessary for future appointments.



Please ensure that your dog is flea free and up to date with preventative flea treatments at the time of your visit.  If your dog does have fleas then we're afraid we will have to charge £10 - this is a nominal fee, as it takes a lot of time to disinfect and treat the salon after your visit with possible cancellations needed of following appointments.


Drop Off and Pick up Times

We operate a one dog per groomer system, with no holding crates, so please ensure that you arrive promptly for your appointment.  If you are late arriving, whilst we will do everything possible to accommodate you, it may result in us being unable to complete a full groom due to the shorter time available and subsequent appointments.  This would still be charged at the same price.  We would also need you to be on time to pick your dog up as otherwise this can affect following appointments.  If you are consistently late to pick up your dog then we're afraid we would have to build this additional time into your appointment slot and charge extra.



Please can you give at least 24 hours notice where possible when cancelling an appointment to allow us to fill your slot with another customer.  We don't mind how many times you change your appointment as long as you do it in good time. As you can imagine a last minute cancellation or no show would result in us being unable to offer the appointment to someone else and lost income.  No shows will be charged the half the full cost of the groom.  


Bitches in Season

Whilst it is possible to groom a bitch in season, it may not be the most comfortable time for your dog.  It can cause extra stress and may even have negative effects on a possible pregnancy.  Behaviour and coats are also susceptible to change during this time, possibly making the grooming more difficult and stressful.  It could also have a negative affect on following appointments with a male dog, due to the hormonal scent of a bitch in season. Even though a deep clean would be carried out, it is still possible for the scent to linger. For these reasons we apologise but we are not able to groom bitches in season so please let us know before your appointment if this is the case.


Matting/ Felting

If your dog is severly matted, whilst we will try to get the knots out, it may be that the coat needs to be taken short. As groomers, we have to put the needs of the dog first and these knots can be painful to brush out. It is hard to explain but the closer the knot is to the skin, then the shorter the coat would have to go. Basically, if you can't run a comb through your dog's coat, then we won't be able to either. Whilst smaller knots can usually be removed, those bigger matts stuck to the skin take more work which can be uncomfortable for your dog. This is why regular brushing and combing between appointments is so important. There will be an extra fee of £5-£10 to groom a matted coat (possibly more depending on the severity and size of dog) - not only does it blunt the equipment (resulting in the need for extra sharpening), but the length of time needed to groom the dog could be up to double. Obviously we will do everything we can to reduce the need to take the coat short, but sometimes it may be inevitable. Your dog however, will always be groomed sensitively and will go away feeling more comfortable and whilst they may be shorter than you'd like, they will still look nice :-)  If you would prefer, please bring your dog in for a consultation prior to your appointment and we can discuss options further. Options will be discussed prior to any groom and nothing will be done without your consent.



Please note that we do not ask people to provide proof of vaccinations. This is because many people choose not to vaccinate but to use alternative natural methods. 


Anal Glands & Ear Plucking

Section 19 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) clearly states that groomers should not express anal glands. The RCVS has specifically advised that: Lay people, such as groomers, are not permitted to provide any form of minor medical treatment, except to their own animals. They must not do anything that constitutes the ‘practise of veterinary surgery’ as defined in the Act.  Unless a dog is showing symptoms of infection or impaction of the glands they do not need to be manually expressed. Emptying of the glands is something which a dog does naturally when it goes to the toilet.  Deciding if there is any infection or impaction involves a diagnosis, which is the practise of veterinary surgery. If the gland is not infected it is questionable if it requires expression.  Therefore, we're afraid we will no longer be able to offer this service.


Regarding ear plucking, the same principle applies - we will remove surface hair and all that comes out easily. We will not be able to dig deep into the dog's ear to force hair removal as this could result in an infection and is best left to your vet. Please let us know if you would like to discuss this further.


Our aim is to make the grooming experience a pleasant time for your dog.  We also want you to be happy with the way he/ she looks.  We will do everything we can to accommodate you and achieve this but also need you to work with us so we obtain the best results all round so please let us know if you like something a certain way, we are all different, and we won't take offence :-)


By signing our t&c's you are agreeing to have your pet's photo shown on our website - please let us know if you do not agree to this, thank you.